Andis Scissors

Andis 6.5" Thinning Shears

With dog hair, there can be too much of a good thing. Get rid of the bulk with the Thinning Shear (right-handed). Expertly aligned, stainless-steel...... more info

Andis Premium 8" shear, Straight

• Professional grade. • Best for areas where a long straight cut is needed. • An all-around general cutting tool for finishing. •...... more info

Andis Premium 6 1/4" Shear, Straight

• Professional grade. • Perfect for detail work on small or toy size dogs. • Use to trim around the feet and over the eyes •...... more info

Andis Premium 6.5" Ball Tip Shear Curved

Professional grade. • Ideal for trimming inner ears - no sharp points for a better grooming experience. • Gives an extra measure of safety...... more info

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