Coat King

The new Multi- Stripping- Curry- comb, indispensable for every groomer. Our new and revolutionary Multi- Stripping- Curry- Comb was tested very hard from various well known Groomers and in the result all of them named it indispensable. Easy on petsGrooming without any pain! All of our new Stripping- Curry- Combs are most suitable for stripping, unravel and de- matting. There is also no problem to work with all different kinds of coat. The coarse and the medium are used for preparing perfectly. The extra-fine (16 and 20 blades) are excellent for grooming heavy coats. The super-fine (20 and 26 blades) are most suitable for all kinds of Spaniels as well as for shaggy kinds of coat. The Coat-King is cutting, but it's used primarily to strip and to comb out all the dead hair. This will be reached by very special ground blades. Easy on groomersOur new Coat-King has an ergonomically ,extra long and absolutely balanced wooden handle for stress-less working. The positioning of the blades in straight extension of the arm of the groomer is excellent for an easy job as possible. The articulations from the shoulder, the elbow as well as the hand will be easy on your arm, so the Coat-King was made for the hard job in a groomer's shop especially. Time savingThe new Coat-King will give you an enormous advantage over the old fashioned style of grooming, because it is combining three steps of grooming into one. Your pet will be happy, because the time-saving procedure of grooming could be done in nearly the half time than before. Because the new Coat-King has an modular-blade-system, you could change the blade-set and replace by any of our 10 different types very easily and quickly. So you will have the advantage to use the right blade-set for the right pet always. So there is no need for you to buy all the different Coat-King's, but only the different blade-sets. By this above you will save money too.

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