Laube Blade Case-Holds 18 Blades

The Laube Blade Case has built-inlocking handle holds 18 of your favorite blades, even the extra wide blades. It is impact resistant and fits easily...... more info

Laube Mini Blade Case - holds 12 blades w/ lid

The Mini Blade Case holds 12 blades and has an easy snap cover lid. Compact and fits into drawers or cabinets where space is limited and valuable....... more info

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Nature's Specialties Hypo "Aloe" Genic Shampoo- Gal

this is one of my top shampoos that I use in my salon...

Nature's Specialties Coconut Clean Shampoo- 16 oz

this shampoo has a wonderful fragrance that will have you...

Nature's Specialties Berry Gentle Tearless Shampoo- Gal

a great product, I use this every day to wash dog's faces....

Nature's Specialties Foo Foo Mystic Lavender Cologne - 8oz

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