Nature\'s Specialties Foo Foo Mystic Lavender Cologne - 8oz

Nature's Specialties Foo Foo Mystic Lavender Cologne - 8oz


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  • Manufactured by: Nature's Specialties
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A pleasant array of unique fragrances yet many of our colognes complement our Nature's Specialties shampoos. Contains: I.P.A., Purified water, Fragrance

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by Leah N.

I love Nature's Specialties Shampoos, I have 6 kinds I use every day. As someone that gets migraines from some strong scents and chemicals I love how the shampoos have great fragrances mostly from essential oils, which also rinse out well, leaving the dogs clean and fresh. So I thought it was worth giving their Lavender cologne a try, for those pups and owners that like a little extra. Unfortunately I found the cologne to be extremely over-powering and it gave me an immediate migraine from the little puff I put on my dog. I had no problem with their Laven-derm shampoo, but the cologne is much too strong.